Military families face unique problems,
peer to peer mentorship helps share our solutions.

Pulse Check

Pulse check sends one question per day via email, push notification, or even a simple in-app notification to check on you, meeting you where you’re at in life. We’ll use your responses to suggest meaningful connections.


It’s easy to feel lost in the hustle and bustle of military life. Constant moving, last minute changes, and unknown territory pile on to an already stressful lifestyle. Get back on track with Due North. Connect with people who have charted the uncharted and expand your military family!

Pay it Forward

You’ve led people, served in different capacities, been through tough life situations, and you made it through with some great experiences. You have a professional background in a specific discipline and most importantly you have a BIG heart for helping people. You can assist someone going through the same challenges you’ve mastered. By sharing and listing your skills and availability you can impact someone who is going through the same problem.

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Due North

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